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Day 1 Knowledge Series 

Topic 1 : How can brands/SMEs successfully leverage the E-commerce Business Opportunity? 

Time: 2:30 pm -3:30 pm (Panel Discussion)

    1. E commerce is a business reality that can no longer be ignored or contained. It is a strategic channel for brand communication and for developing unique customer experience
    2. US $80 billion is the projected E-commerce market size in 2020 and the next 100 million people  doing online shopping will be from India’s smaller towns
    3. Promoters should invest in understanding the power and potential of these platforms and the possibilities of using them as game changers
    4.  In an environment where customer needs and preferences are changing rapidly, communicating value proposition and differentiation is becoming a critical success factor for business sustainability
    5. The baby care market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 13.66% till 2020.  In the coming years, innovation in products and marketing strategies will be the key focus areas for most companies in this segment. Penetrating deep into the urban market in conjunction with the rural market will provide exciting growth opportunities to the potential industry players


    Ms Sakshi Mody, Promoter Director, J L Morison (India) Ltd.

    Mr Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder/COO, YoStartups.com

    Mr Tejprakash Mishra, Head, Sales & Marketing, J L Morison (India) Ltd.

    Ms Shephali Kasliwal, Head Marketing & Growth - SafetyKart.com

    Mr Vijay Kesavan, CEO, Musafir.com


    Topic 2 : Operational Excellence and Driving Efficiencies in Supply chain - Way Ahead 

    Time: 3:40 pm - 4:40 pm (Panel Discussion)

    • Distribution issues hold back India’s E-commerce market
    • Inventory management, logistics planning and resource availability are major hurdles for online retail in India. Shortage of skilled manpower and high attrition rate hampers the stability of operations and scale
    • Consumers have become increasingly demanding, setting their expectations high when it comes to quality, service and delivery
    • Creating infrastructure for enhancing visibility and tracking of the shipments has become paramount agenda for retailers. More companies are incorporating technology into their supply chain management systems
    • Supply chain managers have come to realize that the latest technology can help them ensure better accountability and visibility, allowing them to maintain tight control and stay ahead of the pack

      Day 2 Trend Forum 

      Topic 1 : Indian kids’ wear market: Global brands fill in the gap 

      Kids’s wear market has clocked in weak, single digit brand penetration in India for long. Till a decade ago, it proved to be a graveyard for many homegrown players/brands as their efforts to capture a larger share of market pie and penetrate deeper into India met with limited success, most of them stumbled along the way. Some who did make a mark initially lost out and even moved out of this space. In the second wave, numerous global brands and many big domestic brands are making a serious effort. The space is now getting crowded with those who are just foraying into this space and those who have already established themselves globally and are going for category expansion. Will these brands succeed in changing India’s kids’ wear landscape this time around? What are the changed market dynamics and new factors that may result in a paradigm shift?  Are new brands getting their strategy right? What could work in their favour this time round? Has the consumer landscape undergone a change?

      Topic 2 : Luxe & designer kids’ wear: Is it just the tip of the iceberg?

      How can brands/SMEs successfully leverage the E-commerce Business Opportunity? Global trend of giving kids the best fashion has come home to India as parents’ mindset have changed here as well. Modern parents love to pamper themselves and their kids. Well- heeled Indians are increasingly looking out for newer fashion and luxury trends for their children just as they would for themselves. Kids today are also more brand conscious with clear choices and parents are ready to spend and indulge them. The upwardly mobile Indian is on a brand binge in the kids’ wear luxury clothing space. But how big is this space after all? Have the luxe brands already present in this space really managed to carve a niche? Designers too have jumped into the fray, but how successful have their junior lines been? What are the future prospects in this space? What factors could trigger market growth?

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